ADREM: Adaptive clustering for Decentralized Resilient Energy Management, DST-NWO joint research project on “Smart Grids”

Partners: TU Delft, CWI, IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi

Adrem 1

Distributed Energy Resource (DER) management based on adaptive clustering approaches to support local self-optimization and self-healing of the smart grid, is the challenge this project between India and the Netherlands addresses. To deal with power deficits and contingency challenges, consumers and producers together take responsibility for the balancing required to match energy needs and energy availability, by negotiating dynamic service level agreements (SLAs) in advance, within clusters. Cluster membership and SLAs are continually (re-)negotiated due to changes in the environment, the (forecasted) availability of energy resources, the overall energy market, but also participants’ (both consumer and producer) forecasts of their own needs and possibilities. This allows for local, decentralised S/D management based on SLAs, reducing complexity on a wider scale; and it provides the basis for stability of the power system through reconfiguration.

TU Delft staff involvement: dr. Martijn Warnier, prof. dr. Frances Brazier

PhD student: Selma Causevic, MSc

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