Burger Alert Real Time (BART)

Burger Alert Real Time, BART

Homepage: https://www.bartportal.nl/

Partners: TU Delft, TNO, CGI, Dutch Police, City of the Hague

The aim of the project is to develop an innovative platform in which citizens, private organizations, the police and the municipality participate to deal with safety and security issues in the neighbourhood. Providing a means for citizens to influence the quality of their own living environment and security, together with the municipality and the police, to increase social cohesion, and reduce the level and amount of crime, is the focus. Trust, presence and relationships are prerequisites for citizen participation. TUDelft focuses on understanding the current state of the neighbourhood, and designing interventions with which to increase citizen participation over-time, when no emergencies occur, as well as just-in-time in emergency situations that require immediate follow-up.

TU Delft staff: prof. dr. Frances Brazier, dr. Tina Comes, dr. Stephan Lukosch

PhD student: Ir. Geertje Slingerland, MSc

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