CSC Scholarship, Postdocs and Visiting Scholars


Applying for a PhD position with a CSC Scholarship

If you are a prospective CSC (China Scholarship Council) PhD candidate, motivated, and you are interested in conducting research related to the following area, please contact us by email with your CV, a motivation letter and a short research proposal.

  • Modeling and simulation (M&S) methodologies and M&S based design
  • Data-driven and data analytics related M&S subjects, e.g. data-driven M&S (including model generation, data assimilation, validation), data visualization and animation for M&S
  • Facilitation of information verification in judicial and humanitarian context, including source evaluation, relevance checking, false information and rumor detection, using technologies such as text analytics, machine learning, crowdsourcing.

How to Join Us as a Postdoc or as a Visiting Scholar

Postdocs are usually associated with one of our research projects. These positions are announced on the TU Delft Jobs website (

In addition to those, there are different Postdoc fellowships or funding programmes available. The LEaDing Fellowship, for example, has the next opening call at 1 September 2018 (

Visiting scholars are expected to have a Ph.D. with strong research record and preferably also professional experience.

If you are interested to join our group as a Postdoc or visiting scholar, please contact us by email with your CV, a publication or writing sample, and a motivation letter describing the kind of work you would like to do while visiting our group.

The applicants must be proficient in English language.

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