Erasmus+ C-Extended
Erasmus+ C-Extended

Erasmus+ C-Extended

Challenging and EXTending Erasmus+ Mobility coNnecting and blenDing sEctors and Disciplines (2018-2020)

The C-Extended project emphasizes the crucial role of Higher Education Institutions in boosting innovation, with an approach deeply rooted in the principle of partnership and with a novel focus on interdisciplinary and intersectoral education. The main activities include:

  1. Participation of students to learning activities in interdisciplinary modules during standard Erasmus+ mobility scheme at participating higher educational insitutes (host universities). The mobility will be enhanced with a set of interdisciplinary courses. 
  2. Participation of students to training intersectoral activities (interships) using the C-Extended mobility funding for up to 2 months to involve the students in an interdisciplinary and intersectoral placement in an organization (business, social enterprise) embedded in the local ecosystem of host universities.

At present the following Interdisciplinary Paths have been designed and activated at the participating universities:

  • Bioinformatics (University of Trento, Italy)
  • ICT Innovation (University of Trento, Italy)
  • Energy Technology (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)
  • Smart Grid and Power Networks (Imperial College London, UK)
  • Complex Systems Engineering (TU Delft, NL)
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship (TU Eindhoven, NL)
  • Innovation Space & Automotive Systems Engineering (University of Rennes 1, France)

Are you interested in this project? Or are you a TPM student and want to study and/or do internship aboard in those universities/countries in 2019 or 2020? Contact Dr Y Huang for more information.