@NL_Wetenschap  – 18/22 January 2021
@NL_Wetenschap – 18/22 January 2021

@NL_Wetenschap – 18/22 January 2021

@NL_Wetenschap is a Twitter account that rotates amongst Ducht scientists to tell about their research and what they do during the week. They talk about their field of research and how their research contributes to this. Some of the topics that are covered are:

– What does your week look like? Why do you do this research? Why do you like it? What drives your curiosity?

– What are some misunderstandings in your field of research?

-What is the most important thing that students learn, what kind of skills do they need?

This account has been started two years ago by Rosanne Hertzberger (scientist and columnist in various Dutch newspapers) and has given the stage to 108 scientists already. Other researchers from MAS who have taken over this account are Igor Nikolic and Gerdien de Vries. See also this infographic on NL_ Wetenschap: