Participatory Place-making in Cities

In the Participatory Place-making project, we study approaches that enable local city actors (professional and non-professional) to jointly design, discuss, develop, and implement (socio-technological) interventions for place-making in urban spaces. These approaches are inspired by participatory design and explicitly involve different city stakeholders: adults, teenagers, and children; formal and informal actors.

The aim of the research is to understand the foundations, mechanisms, and core principles of participatory place-making in cities. The insights gained are relevant for, and applicable to, other complex city processes (e.g. the energy transition) that require collaboration and understanding between all city stakeholders.

The project involves collaboration with partners in The Hague, Rotterdam, and Cork (Ireland) Project partners: TU Delft, Gemeente Den Haag, Veldacademie Rotterdam, CBS de Akker, Cultureel Denkwerk, University College Cork.

PhD student: Ir. G. (Geertje) Slingerland


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