Save the date: 13 April Workshop Living Moon – PhD Angelo Vermeulen

Save the date: 13 April 14u-17u Workshop Living Moon

Right after NASA’s Mars rover Perseverance successfully arrived in a landscape that might have hosted Martian life, we would like to invite you to a first online workshop about the Living Moon initiative.

Living Moon aims to become a platform from where all kinds of activities related to sustainable living under harsh conditions can be launched. Among our first ideas is the construction of a so-called ‘terrestrial analogue’ of a lunar base on TU Delft Campus. This lunar base would be used to develop and test extreme circular technologies, for example in the fields of water treatment and food production.

Exploring concepts for sustainable moon habitats is more than just inspiring and exciting: technologies for life under extreme conditions are equally useful for our life on earth. For example, people who live at the bottom of the income pyramid face severe resource constraints, for which the circular concepts developed for space exploration could be a solution.

Living Moon will offer research and design opportunities for all of TU Delft’s faculties and for various collaborative alliances and external partners. In the workshop we will bring together representatives from these parties to probe their appetite for this initiative. Current partners include SEMiLLA IPStar, representing the MELiSSA/ESA space programme, SEADS (Space Ecologies Art and Design), LDE Centre for Sustainability and Delft Bioengineering Institute.

If you are interested to join, please register and mark your calendar. You will receive the programme of the afternoon soon.

Looking forward to meeting you on 13 April, kind regards,

Ralph Lindeboom (TU Delft CEG)
Angelo Vermeulen (TU Delft TPM, SEADS)
Coen Hubers (LDE Centre for Sustainability)
Nienke van Bemmel (Delft Bioengineering Institute)
Rob Suters (SEMiLLA IPStar)

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