Prof.dr.F.M. Brazier – Keynote at the IEEE Symposium starts September 13th

Prof.dr.F.M.Brazier will give a Keynote at the 7th IEEE International Symposium of System Engineering. Virtual, starts September 13th.

“Embracing complexity”
Complexity is a challenge with which all designers and engineers of complex socio-technical systems are confronted. This challenge is key to creativity and innovation and as such needs to be embraced and not throttled. As new materials, technologies, environmental considerations and insights emerge so does the realization that system designs need to be able to adapt during the course of their lifespan (and not only during the course of their development) to support participation of multiple (types of) actors and potentially evolving needs and desires. The values and mission on which a system’s design is based are crucial and leading in this process. The need for new value-based approaches to system design and engineering are the focus of this talk.

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