TU Delft Evacuation Performance: Standardising Assessment (TUDEP)

There currently exists no central detailed reference source for evacuation data; therefore, it is difficult for safety professionals and policymakers to learn from and disseminate best practices and ensure that drills are designed and executed consistently and effectively. Researchers and practitioners need to agree on standard metrics and data structures and establish a common data-sharing platform, ensuring that confidentiality and ethical requirements, regional contexts, and commercial sensitivities are observed.

Aims and objectives
The project aims are: (1) to achieve consensus on standard metrics and a protocol for evidence-based assessment of occupant evacuation performance at TU Delft Campus (during drills and real-life evacuations) and (2) to share information and best practices on drills and evacuations via an online repository. The objective is to design evacuation drill metrics and data structures for TU Delft Campus.

This will include: (1) interviewing the emergency response teams of each building on current best practices and bottlenecks; (2) designing standard metrics and data structures for all campus buildings to record evacuations and drills, preparing for data sharing with researchers and safety practitioners, (3) either using existing devices or equipping one to three buildings with movement tracking devices (such as footfall sensors/RFID trackers on people + beacons) in combination with existing or new camera’s; (4) tracking different data and metrics of evacuations and evacuation drills over a period of 6-12 months.

TU Delft staff: dr. Natalie van der Wal (PI)


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