Participatory Systems


Participatory Design of Participatory Systems for Sustainable Collaboration: Exploring Its Potential in Transport and Logistics

by Pieter van Langen, Gerdje Pijper, Pieter de Vries and Frances Brazier
Journal: Sustainability
Date: May 2023

Challenges involving economic, environmental, and societal aspects necessitate organisations in business networks to collaborate. The scientific problem central to this paper is the difficulty of building sustainable collaborations. The research question is how to support organisations in building sustainable collaborations in their business relationships. This paper presents a new socio-technical approach to this end, i.e., PDPS (an acronym for Participatory Design of Participatory Systems) and explores its potential in a case study. PDPS is a value-based approach to the participatory design of participatory systems……  more

Multi-system intervention optimization for interdependent infrastructure

by Dr. Ir. O. (Omar) Kammouh, Maria Nogal, Ruud Binnekamp & A.R.M. Rogier Wolfert
Journal: Automation in Construction
Date: July 2021

The wellbeing of modern societies is dependent upon the functioning of their infrastructure networks. This paper introduces the 3C concept, an integrative multi-system and multi-stakeholder optimization approach for managing infrastructure interventions (e.g., maintenance, renovation, etc.). The proposed approach takes advantage of the benefits achieved by grouping (i.e., optimizing) intervention activities. Intervention optimization leads to substantial savings on both direct intervention costs (operator) and indirect unavailability costs (society) by reducing the number of system interruptions….more