I am a Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellow at the TPM, Multi-Actor Systems Department, Systems Engineering Section. I hold a PhD degree from Nanyang Technological University, Interdisciplinary Graduate School, Institute of Catastrophe and Risk Management. Before this position, I have been a research associate at the Future Resilient Systems Programme, Singapore-ETH Centre.

With my interdisciplinary background in crisis management and urban governance, I use diverse methods (e.g. scenario simulations, spatial analyses, interviews) to address resilience of cities, organisations, and communities. I believe the key to understanding and managing resilience lies in bringing together diverse streams of expertise, building synergies, and bridging the gap between academia and practise. In this light, while building my professional experience, I initiated and led several collaborations with government agencies, municipalities, business partners, NGOs and local communities to help them in enhancing resilience and crisis management practices.

My postdoctoral project uses a case study approach to analyse multilevel governance arrangements in sociotechnical transformations of Dutch critical infrastructure systems. The study provides new insights on how multi-actor relations are shaped across governance levels, and how they guide critical infrastructure transformations for urban resilience.