Frances Brazier is a full professor in Engineering Systems Foundations at the Delft University of Technology, as of September 2009, before which she chaired the Intelligent Interactive Distributed Systems Group for 10 years within the Department of Computer Science at the VU University Amsterdam. She holds a MSc in Mathematics and a doctorate in Cognitive Ergonomics from the VU Amsterdam. Parallel to her academic career she co-founded the first ISP in the Netherlands: NLnet and later NLnet Labs. She is currently a board member of the NLnetLabs Foundation.

She has over 200 refereed papers, has served on many programme committees, and is currently a member of 3 editorial boards- Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing (Cambridge University Press), the Requirements Engineering Journal (Springer), and Birkenhauser’s Autonomic Computing series.

With a strong background in the design of human computer interaction, multi-agents systems, and distributed systems, current research focuses on the design of socio-technical ecological systems that enable and support participation in today’s networked society: participatory systems! The leading design principles include design for trust, design for empowerment and design for engagement. Areas of study and exploration include distributed energy management, crisis management, dynamic supply chain management, real-time safety management.

Design, engineering, and management of participatory systems are inherently linked. Distributed architectures and algorithms are essential elements of the technology design, provide the basis for global management through local coordination. Distributed simulation provide a means with which to explore effects of system design: emergent system behaviour within and between participatory systems. In other cases interaction and collaboration within and between systems, is explored and analysed in real-life systems (virtual presence, visualisation, cloud-computing).